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MEHRAN aim is to perform well services based on customer’s standards, with highest quality and latest standards and reach to the high level competitors in this market.
MEHRAN strategy is to have more and more professional personnel by continuous training and development programs by preparation of high quality facilities, machinery, equipment and materials to perform the services.

Tehran Office
MEHRAN accommodates managerial, engineering, project control, administration and finance teams in Tehran offices.


Kish Bases
MEHRAN Kish bases includes all offices, workshops, yards and warehouses in Kish, those support operations and logistics for all offshore operations.


Kharg Base
MEHRAN has established a new base in Kharg Island for its exclusive coiled tubing, stimulation, N2 and pumping services contract for Iranain Offshore Oil Company.

Ahwaz Base
MEHRAN recently has entered to onshore activities and has established a yard in Ahwaz that is capital of Iran onshore oilfields.


Aftab Port Base
MEHRAN has a base in Aftab port to facilitate acid loading and it will be contingency base for Kish base with its other capacities. To support the operation for facilitating acid loadings.

MEHRAN has accommodated all necessary workshop machinery and equipment for its services in its yards and workshops like cement bulk plants, cement cutting equipment, all workshop needed machinery also inspection equipment.

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#1, Mehran Alley, North Sheikh-Bahaie Street , Molla-Sadra Ave., Tehran-Iran. Postal Code: 1991781978