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Directional Drilling & Measurement



Directional Drilling is the science and technology of steering the wellbore into a pre-planned trajectory to hit a defined target in at a horizontal distance deep underground from the departure point at surface.

We offer directional drilling solutions whether the trajectory is vertical, deviated or 3D-designer well in the offshore projects. Our diverse experience in land and offshore has enabled us to optimize our solutions and choice of technologies in order to improve the service we have to provide in the delicate service environment. We engage with our customers in well planning, trajectory design, drilling optimization, torque and stability design and provide tailored designs for specific drilling requirements. MEHRAN delivers reliable and effective whole-package services with its proven motors, robust MWD systems, reliable jars and stabilizers with proven performance in high temperature, high torque, high shock and vibration environments. All supported with engineered well planning, trajectory design and drilling hydraulics. MEHRAN MWD services deliver high-quality data to enable time-critical decisions for accurate drilling and desired performance.

Tools and Equipment:

MEHRAN directional drilling packages can be readily transported On-shore and Off-shore. All units can be used in prolific High Pressure and High Temperature extended reach wells, sour environment and in drilling vertical/long horizontal/highly deviated/side track and multilateral performance drilling.

Positive Displacement Motors, MWD Tools and Systems, Jars and Accelerators, Stabilizers, Non-Magnetic Drill Collars, HWDP, Key Seat Wipers, SRO, Break Out Units, Jar Testers, MWD Cabins.

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