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Integrated Oilfield Services

MEHRAN with its 9 in-house services is Iranian pioneer in Integrated Drilling Services (IDS) by performing two big IDS contract for Iranian Offshore Oil Company (IOOC) and Petropars.

Owing its in-house services and good cooperation with its partners and subcontractors, MEHRAN is able to offer all the below services as an integrated package and mange it in a way that client rest assure about its smooth and NPT free operations:

1. Cementing
2. Stimulation
3. Slickline
4. Coiled Tubing
5. Well Testing
6. H2S Safety
7. Nitrogen Lifting
8. Perforation
9. Casing Running
10. Drilling Fluid
11. Directional Drilling
12. Fishing
13. Whipstock and Window Opening
14. Wellhead
15. Logistics
16. Geotechnical & Geophysical Survey
17. Liner Hanger

Share Of Each Service In Total
Number of Services

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Objectives of Integrated Drilling Services:
• Attain cost-effective production wells to meet Client’s expectations.
• Improve operational efficiency by shouldering the clients’ non-core services rendered to the Drilling Contractor.
• Aligning the parties involved in the drilling/completion operations towards common goals, defining the goals with measurable objectives, and providing a balanced incentive to reward actual performance versus the stated figures.
• To accelerate progress of involved human resources along with a learning curve.
• To centralize contractual terms and conditions to cover the entire scope of work across all fields.
• Customized contractual terms between Operators & Subcontractors

Client’s Benefits in IDS
• Integrated project management
• Improved flexibility
• A prompt project startup
• Improved operational efficiency
• Reduced drilling & completion cost
• Applied information technology
• Less need for supervision of Operator
• Reduced contractual administration jobs

Sub-Contractor’s benefits in IDS
• Circumventing the greatest part of the contractual risk and shouldering it on to the lead contractor
• Improved communication and coordination
• Improved operational efficiency
• Better planning and scheduling
• Simplified contracting process
• Logistics advantages

Our Track Record Since We Started Operating Translates into Continuous Improvement in Terms of Faster Response Time, Broader Support, Continuous Growth, Less NPT and More Value Added to Our Customers’ Operations.


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