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MEHRAN Stimulation Services elaborates and executes well stimulation programs in a chain of engineering and design, laboratory testing, verification and field execution of programs in both land and offshore. Combining a fleet of skid mounted stimulation facilities, two modern BV and DNV certified well stimulation-and-cleanup vessels (Dynamic Positioning Northern Genesis and Mehravar), a modern stimulation laboratory and state-of-the-art software packages, our engineering know-how and our expertise in execution of stimulation operations; we try to put forth optimized and cost effective well stimulation solutions at the topline Iran market.

We add value to our clients’ operations through engaging with them in the challenges they face and in increasing the production of oil and gas through well life by delivering well-engineered solution, executed by a fleet of marine and land facilities capable of performing the elaborations in practice by performing chemical treatments, matrix stimulation, hydraulic fracturing and acid fracturing.

We owe our reputation to our bright track record in oil and gas well stimulation though the extension of Persian Gulf and Oman Sea, offshore Iran. We draw our success from the expertise we have acquired through continuous experience, verification and improvement in all aspects of engineering, dynamic solution making, execution, quality control and training. We examine and practice new solutions our engineers elaborate by modeling acid placement techniques, diversion techniques and developing recipes using efficient additives developed every corner of the world. We have run over 250 acidizing operations over the Persian Gulf and Oman Sea by our stimulation vessels and packages using SDA, VDA, Degradable Fiber as well as conventional recipes.


Stimulation Engineering Section

Mehran Stimulation Engineering section as the key section and driving force of stimulation department provides significant services for different clients and requests.  The main responsibility of Mehran Engineering team is data gathering and problem well analysis, candidate selection, laboratory studies, research to find latest solutions from different sources for the problem, simulation studies by stimulation software packages; and finally designing case-specific stimulation programs.

Implementing the designed programs, interpretation and evaluation of the job results and preparing the end of job reports are routine stimulation engineering department tasks.


Stimulation Laboratory

MEHRAN Stimulation Laboratory conducts material quality control tests, stimulation fluid recipe tests at surface and reservoir conditions, verification tests and quality assurance as an integral stage of well stimulation design at top line of the standard compliances and field demands. MEHRAN acidizing laboratory serves all our clients with its continuous R&D programs in a dynamic atmosphere. We have been supported by our laboratory to tailor lots of stimulation formulations, especially for South Pars gas condensate wells. Our field-proven solutions enjoy the support of pre-execution verifications and attaining excellence in quality control standards.

Routine tests conducted in the laboratory include:

Raw material QC tests, Function tests of raw materials, Compatibility tests of formulation acid and additives, Performance tests of stimulation fluids, Corrosion tests, Emulsion/sludge tests, Diversion test (SDA & VDA), Core flooding tests, Case-Specific tests.

Northern Genesis Stimulation-and-Cleanup Vessel
Mehravar Stimulation-and-Cleanup VesselSkid Mounted HHP Double and Single Pumping UnitsMedium and High Volume Stimulation Fluid Batch MixersMedium and High Volume Skid Mounted Acid TanksTransfer PumpsPortable Acid Carboys, Acid Storage Facility in the Base and Onshore FieldsStimulation Laboratory.



Since we first commenced our stimulation services on 2009, we have left footprints and track records in variety of fields, reservoirs and wells. We have delivered our services to many customers. The following graphs present our track record.

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