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Training, as a key to HR development and service quality assurance, is achieved through indoor and outdoor courses we regularly conduct in MEHRAN Group.

MEHRAN Training Center developed based on IWA2 / International Workshop Agreement (quality management systems-guidelines for the application of ISO 9001 in education) also ISO 10015 (quality management – guidelines for training) that serves our people through theoretical classroom courses, practical courses, and practical simulation of the operations on training/test wells and through supervised hand-on-practice in actual operations in the fields. In addition, MEHRAN copes with its specific training demands, on occasional cases, via framework agreements we have with accredited outdoor training centers.

Achieving one of our major goals, we are proud of training many domestic people in oil and gas industries and help technical knowledge improvements in our society and increasing domestic content in this industry.

MEHRAN shares the professional knowledge of its services by Clients through performing training courses based on the contracts by its professionals or by approved outdoor training centers.

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